The PlanningsBuilder Application

The business-critical PlanningsBuilder application enabled Vesta Terminal BV to set up a multi-user transportation planner that can be accessed 24/7 no matter where the users are. With the clear visual of the tankers’ loading activities simulated in the PlanningBuilder, users can just simply drag and drop the ships in the planner to optimize the loading activities.

Thanks to the intuitive user-interface and robust data validation, errors in planning have been minimized and positive outputs have been maximized. The PlanningsBuilder is accessible from anywhere in the world (office, home, on the road, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc).

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Vesta Terminals BV is an independently operating company that offers its customers safe and reliable logistics services in the form of storage and transhipment, mainly for crude oil, refined petroleum products, biofuels and petrochemicals. Vesta Terminals BV has various quays where the different liquids are supplied and removed by tankers (seagoing or inland vessels).


Kevin van Hees Operations Manager Vesta Terminal Antwerp NV

Kevin van Hees

How was your experience in developing the application with Jazetti?

“During a formal meeting with the Jazetti’s team, we discussed and recorded the objectives and the scope of the project in detail. So, we were on the same page right from the beginning of the project. Therefore, the application was built and delivered as desired.”

How stable is the application?

“Apart from a few things that arose during the start-up phase and were also immediately adjusted, the application has been running very stable for more than a year.”

How satisfied are you with the end result?

“User-friendliness was one of the most important items since a schedule often changes and this is adjusted by different people in one system. The application is therefore structured in such a way that it is very user-friendly and easy to use.

The application is intuitive and says what it does in one word straightforward.

We recently asked for adjustments to be made (extra loading area added). This went very smoothly without downtime, so we are very satisfied with this.

A very strong point of the application is that it is built in such a way that different users can open and adjust it from anywhere (laptop, PC, smartphone).”

After working with Jazetti, would you employ Jazetti for your future project again?

“Certainly, Jazetti has a very professional working method which makes them nice to work with. During the project we have always felt a lot of commitment and drive from Jazetti to make this project a success.”

Would you advise others to employ Jazetti to make an application?

“I would certainly do that because Jazetti can be approached easily and they responded quickly too. Also, they can communicate clearly and professionally. On top of that, they can identify problems precisely and formulate an appropriate tailor-made solution.”

Why the PlanningsBuilder?

Setting up a comprehensive, optimal and clear planner is extremely critical for Vesta Terminals BV because they want to build a planner that supplies their customers and internal services with precise and concise information. The PlanningsBuilder does just that!

In the planning process, various aspects of the loading activities must be taken into account to save costs and downtime. For example, the desired material must be available and the quays are being used optimally to reach maximum efficiency and output. So, the right products may be loaded or unloaded timely in order to avoid unnecessary cleaning activities.

It is essential that the planner is intuitive, user-friendly and accessible 24/7 in order to optimize planning. This way, Vesta Terminals BV can optimally inform its customers and internal services about the available loading and unloading times.

Analyzing the challenge

Vesta Terminals BV have years of experiences in logistic services and they know which software solution are available in the market. Unfortunately, the solution they were looking for was not available in a standard application.

After sparring with the Operations Manager in a consultation, it quickly became clear that they knew exactly what they needed.

In addition to the usual planning challenges, Vesta Terminals BV has one additional challenge: it is not possible to unload all liquids one after the other. Certain combinations require the material to be cleaned and this must be kept to an absolute minimum.

The software requirements were clear, Jazetti dived right into work.

Creating the solution

Vesta Terminal BV and jazetti BV have opted for a web application as a solution because they want their end users to have access to it anytime and anywhere.

The transportations are validated and entered into a clear table to create a block called the transport block. Based on the data from the table, one can, with one click of a button, visualize the transportation in a transport block.

This transport block contains all information about the transport. The transport block can – only in an available time window – be dragged into the planning overview.

The planner recognizes the liquid of a transport by the transport block’s color. Thus, it can determine whether the liquid can be loaded or unloaded immediately after another liquid. If this is not the case, then it is time to clean.

The planner overview for the customer will be updated immediately to the relevant customers after each changes.

The availability of the application is monitored 24/7 by Jazetti BV.

The results

The PlanningsBuilder makes the activities more coordinated. In addition, communication with the customer has been improved also. So, the customers know exactly what the available capacity and the time to load or unload their order nominations.


Increased productivity


Reduction in cleaning the materials


Improved customer communication


Improved occupancy

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