Exponential cost price calculator

Based on current historical big data, an exponential curve and a minimum and/or maximum price, the Exponential cost price calculator calculates the correct (preliminary) cost price per item.

The big data is read directly from SAP. SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning software package. Subsequently, the preliminary cost price is automatically calculated for all items based on this calculation method. The result is loaded fully automatically into SAP, so that all employees of the company have acces to the correct cost price from SAP.

The Exponential cost price calculator automatically keeps the data in SAP up-to-date on the basis of current big data and Order Entry in SAP, so that the difference between pre- and post-calculation is and remains minimal.

Company Name: SPGPrints Group Website: https://www.spgprints.com

SPGPrints is the worldwide market leader in advanced printing systems and consumables for the textile and graphic printing industry. In addition, SPGPrints is engaged in the production of metal precision products by means of electroforming and etching.

Core activities are:

  • Rotary screen printing systems for the textile, industrial graphics industry;
  • Digital printing systems for the textile and printing industry;
  • Consumables for the textile, industrial and printing industry, including rotary screen printing templates, lacquers and (digital) inks;
  • Delivery of services and spare parts.

Martijn Derksen Logistics Engineer SPGPrints B.V.

Martijn Derksen

How was your experience in developing the application with Jazetti?

  • Great cooperation;
  • Familiar person from my own network;
  • Reliable;
  • Open and honest;
  • Thinks about the correct process / solution.

How stable is the application?

“Always worked as expected. Never had any issues.”

How satisfied are you with the end result?

  • User-friendliness;
  • Intuitiveness;
  • Compatibility;
  • Accessibility.

“Positive on everything; the application was set up step by step in good collaboration. Due to the correct perception on both sides, the end result was simply excellent.”

After working with Jazetti, would you employ Jazetti for your future project again?

“I would do exactly the same.”

Would you advise others to employ Jazetti to make an application?

“Definitely. Great party and great cooperation in a pleasant setting.”

Why the Exponential Cost Calculator

SPGPrints works with SAP. SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning software package. This system is not able to make a reliable (and complex) cost price calculation based on pre-calculation for the goods of SPGPrints within the set time and/or budget.

Due to the lack of proper pre-calculation, unrealistic offers were made and this (almost always) led to losses and even tensions between the purchasing and sales departments. The post-calculations showed again and again that not enough “coverage” was included in the (preliminary) cost price.

SPGPrints had a lot of historical post-calculation data and this was where the solution was hidden.

SPGPrints wanted to quickly get rid of the disproportionate differences between the pre- and post-calculations.

Exponentiële Kostprijscalculator SPGPrints

Analyzing the challenge

After a personal conversation with the financial and logistics department of SPGPrints, it quickly became clear that there were disproportionate differences between the pre- and post-calculation.

SPGPrints had an enormous amount of up-to-date big data and a calculation model had to be built on the basis of this data, which ensures a minimal deviation in the pre- and post-calculation.

The data had to be calculated fully automatically outside SAP using an interface, because SAP is unable to make this complex calculation (within the available time and/or budget).

Finally, the correct item prices had to be displayed in SAP, because all SPGPrints employees worldwide have to consult this system.

Creating the solution

Jazetti BV started working with SPGPrints step by step, by initially testing the entire workflow for feasibility.

Can we automatically retrieve the required data “real-time” from SAP? If so:

Can we make a model based on this data, so that the difference between the pre- and post-calculation is minimal? If so:

Can we have this model calculated automatically and continuously? If so:

Can we automatically load the desired result into SAP, so that the users can see the current article prices?

We have arranged all this. In addition, we have added a secure user interface with which key players can test the pre- and post-calculations on a random basis and fine-tune them where necessary – within the set frameworks.

The results

Proper pre-calculation means that the item prices are built up much more realistically and no losses arise due to the lack of costs incurred. In addition, the tensions between the purchasing and sales departments are a thing of the past.


Reduction in uncovered costs


Increased reliability


Business process improvement


Possibility to fine-tune

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